Select Engagements

REGENT PARTNERS offers a variety of financial services to its clients.  The firm makes investments for its own account as well as syndicates financing.  In addition, the firm offers advice on complex financial matters including debt and equity capitalization, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and corporate valuations.  Founded in 2002, Regent has extensive experience in business, finance and law. The firm has arranged, structured, financed, advised, or participated in a broad range of transactions involving technology, manufacturing, and service enterprises. 

The firm's activities are:
Corporate Finance and M&A - The firm serves as a funding source and advisor to companies contemplating a range of financial transactions, including the private placement of debt and/or equity, re-capitalization, pre-IPO financing strategies, management buy-outs, LBOs, mergers, sales, acquisitions, and strategic joint ventures.  

Commercial Finance - The firm serves as a funding source and advisor to companies seeking new or expanded credit facilities.  The firm assists companies with regard to a variety of financing vehicles including revolving lines, expansion loans, bridge loans, mezzanine financing, cash flow loans, purchase-order financing and accounts receivable financing/factoring.

Management of Commercial Bridge Capital, LLC  --  Regent Partners managed the winding down and distribution of funds to the investors of its sister-firm, Commercial Bridge Capital, LLC a bridge and venture lending fund.

Affiliation with Agility Capital, LLC  -- Regent Partners has been associated with Agility Capital, LLC. Ref:  www.agilitycap.com